With low cost sensors, wireless LoRaWAN technology, and cloud computing, you can easily monitor anything in your environment. Temperature and humidity, air quality, C02, light, motion, presence of water – the list is endless.

Key Characteristics

  • Battery Powered – no need to run power to your sensors
  • Low Power = Long battery life (typically 1 year)
  • Long Range – up to a mile or more
  • Pleasing Appearance – attractive, compact sensor design suitable for placement in public areas
  • Mobile and desktop dashboards to quickly see sensor data
  • Notifications on sensor state changes – e.g. low battery, temperature or humidity exceeding a threshold, door open


  • LoRaWAN

We Can Help You With

  • Getting started with IoT
  • Sensor selection
  • System design and deployment
  • Dashboard design and implementation

If you are wondering how IoT technology can help your business or need help with an IoT project, please reach out to us at info@hitechdb.com.

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